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  1. Hello,
    I have been wanting to trade with a prop firm. I have searched this forums all the way back to 2008. I have found some information useful but i still have a few more questions. Please help me find a good prop firm. Any suggestions?
    Preferred minimum deposit - $3500
    Maximum deposit - $5000
    Low commissions
    Low monthly fees (if any)
    Free software
    Decent leverage

    Throughout my search i have found these prop firms:

    CY Group (i sent them a email today for a discount on their membership fee, it is $5000)

    Integra Capital

    First North American trading group
    -Fees : 0.0002/share
    Exclude ECN fees and rebate
    Exclude SEC fees and Exchanges Fees
    _X_ Plateform fees : 250 / month
    __ NASDAQ : 11 /month
    __ NYSE : 1 / month
    __ AMEX : 1 / month
    __ ARCA book : 10 / month
    __ Totalview : 27 / month (include NASDAQ)
    __ BATS book : 5 / month
    __ EDGE book : 5 / month
    __ NYSE BOOK: 16 /month
    Capital Contribution against any losse : 5000 USD
    Payout: 70%

    PTG Securities
    -PTG: Trader Package
    -Sterling Trader PRO: $220 + Market Data Fees
    -Payout Structure: 99%
    -Minimum Capital: $5,000

    Worldwide Trading Capital
    -Minimum capital $5000
    -100% payout
    Can someone please make a suggestion from the above list or if anyone knows a better prop firm, your help is extremely appreciated.

    Someone out there please give me a chance. I know how to trade but i need capital. Give me a chance.

    I look forward to some good replies.
    Thank you
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