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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by xMajx, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Well I'm applying for a trading job at an investment management company. I'm trading at a prop firm, and am not doing too good at this moment, so I'm applying for jobs as a backup plan. Do you think i should add the prop firm experience on my resume? I've been daytrading for 5 months, is that relevant experience? Don't investment firms laugh at prop firms?
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    Losing money is good education. Put it on your resume, and talk about it in interviews.
  3. LMAO - I can't tell whether you're being serious or not.
    OP - you're better off not mentioning it. Better off saying you did charity work in Rwanda, or studied to be a monk - 5 months is not a big gap.
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    I'm serious. I've done a lot of interviewing for banks, funds, prop shops, etc. You don't have to have BEEN profitable. You have to be a good bet to GET THERE.
  5. agree with basis --- when you know how you have lost money, you might know how to avoid losing money.

    A man who has never lost money in trading is dangerous. cf. LTCM, Amaranth Advisors ...


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  6. Unlike traders here on ET who are all "profitable" cough cough, it took me almost 6 months to become consistent in profits. And, I had one of the best Mentors at the firm, who came from a leagcy of the Famous Russian at Schonfeld.

    Even with all this around me, it still took me 6 months to become profitable, abel to swim on my own.

    The current LLC i joined, (Land Development and High End Real Estate Development projects, REITS) allowed me to come aboard because of my losses and profits.

    So, be truthful. You can learn a lot from losses. The key thing is "Learn". As long as you can prove that you didn't blindly repeat the same mistakes or actions that cause your loses, it is understandable.