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    Here is what is being offerred by the prop shop. Training program for as long as you want "until you're ready", $55k salary, when you are ready according to the Managing Partner you will be given $1 million in firm capital. There are only 8 traders, the managing partner also runs his own fund and all of the capital comes from him. Also, there is no personal contribution required and you are not responsible financially for losses. Should one take this job?
  2. Sounds crazy unheard of.

    What is the bonus once you are 'given' 1 mill capital? 55k salary + bonus (discretionary, %age, etc).
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    subjective bonuses, and 40% of first $200,000 made after fees, ticketing etc

    What do you think about this? Is this a crazy offer. I had 3 interviews, i would be with one other person that they hired bringing the total number of traders to 7 people.
  4. That sounds pretty sweet for a newbie! Go for it!
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    for a newbie, there's no better deal if you can get some training.
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    You should be on that like a fly on shiz.
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    8 + 2 = 7?
  8. I guess math skills aren't too important at that firm!:p
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    Wrote the email late in my day. The number of traders are 5 right now and they want to have 7 that's really all that's relevant here. This big question is, should I give up a guaranteed and rising $32K bonus in sell side commodities to take a chance and try something different? Any responses on that front would be helpful.
  10. I would love more info about this shop and where they are located. PM me please
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