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  1. I know we have plenty of threads on this subject, but I am looking for a Prop firm in NYC where I will put my money and they will give me some leverage on my capital to trade futures.

    I found Capital trading group, which for me is ideal, but for now they are just trading equities and options, they did said that soon they will trade futures too.

    I am looking for structure like this:
    I put my money, I will get leverage of 6:1 maybe 10:1, and we could discuss the profits how to split it 9:1 or something close to that. Really appreciate any help.
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    Because Futures are leveraged to begin with, how much capital are you looking to but up?
  3. I am thinking between 10-15K.

    Thanks for your help
  4. Go with Bright or Echo
  5. They do futures?
  6. Echo may. Call them. From the threads here those two seem to be the top tier companies. I spoke to Echo and they cater to everyone including hede funds so I would like to think so. I did not ask about futures though.