Prop firm, no Series 7, yes k1

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  1. Hi,

    Is there any prop firm that does not require Series 7 license and would issue k-1 for tax report? Please post or PM.


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    Tuco Trading. I've been with them for years.
  3. Hi Lescor,

    how often can you get a payout with TUCO...

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  5. lescor,

    Thank you for the reply. Can I also trade options and futures through TUCO? I checked the website did not quite get the info. Thanks.

  6. Our new traders may, if they choose to, trade while in training "pre-Series7" during boot camp, etc. They study for the test, and things just get better when they switch to being a licensed trader.

  7. LOL,

    Don, are you not the "Chop Shop" that trains their "new traders" in VEGAS?

    Perfect place to learn how to double down, if any.
  8. I think these might meet your requirments but check with each:
    1) Benchmarq
    2) Cy group
    3) Vtrader
    4) JC Trading

    hope this helps...check some of my last of them discusses these.
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    You forgot to mention that the commissions rate is .0125 per share if you don't have a S7 at Bright. You would have a lot more traders if you lowered the rate to be competitive with a retail broker like IB.

  10. HOLY SHIT .0125?

    Damn I pay almost 1/10th that... that's robbery Don, pure Bright robbery.
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