Prop firm near Los Angeles?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by asd123, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. asd123


    Hello, are there any prop firms (futures/equities) in the Los Angeles area??
  2. Arcadia and Irvine, feel free to PM me.

  3. Are there any firms located in Century City?
  4. Assent, LLC is near the intersection of Bundy and Olympic. Should be relatively close to you.
  5. Thanks Talion1011, I have a positive view towards Assent, LLC. I would highly prefer within Century City specifically. I would be surprised if there is nothing because it is a great location and there is so much office space there. thx
  6. Heh.. well, as far as I understand it.. there aren't Assent offices all over the place because it's limited by the number of mentors available. Each office has a mentor who works there to help all the new traders, and he trades alongside them (or in the same room.)

    I'm at the LA office with Assent and have been there since January. I personally think the mentor there is awesome. So.. yea.. if you decide to join the office there, that would be cool.
  7. Hey, I'm right down the street from you guys... in Westwood. Would you mind sending me some info on the firm? Starting costs, process, mentoring, etc? Thanks!!
  8. I emailed you. Hope to see you there soon!
  9. Hi talion1011

    I live in the West LA area and am also interested in what Assent has to offer. Can you also send me the info. Thanks.
  10. traderjoe

    I am with an LLC off of Assent what are you looking to know. Send me a message.
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