Prop Firm near Austin Texas?

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    Hey Everyone...Just was Wanting to know if anyone Knew of a Proprietary Trading Firm near or around Austin Texas?? Or how about Mississippi??


  2. Kershner Group. Downtown Austin. However, its a bit difficult to get in to. This is not your "typical Propshop". They give you 100% capital to trade. However, the catch is, they must feel you out and see if a senior trading making money is willing to bring you in under him/her.

    Senior traders share in Firm Profits, so it is in his/her best intrest to bring in someone they "feel" will mesh with their trading group.

    It is by far the best in TEXAS, as TEXAS doesnt have much in the way of "Trading".
  3. Don't know the answers to those questions. Im sure they sponser individuals for the series test. You will need all of those test if you are going to trade OPM. (others money). So, no matter what prop house ur looking at, If you trade any of their money...even if you put up say, 10 thousand and they give you the'll have to take the test.
  4. Thanks for that answer, I have just been wondering that question, why you need to be licensed to trade prop.
  5. Hey guys, I trade out of the Lone star state. I used to trade with Licenses, 7,55, now I'm set up where I don't need the licenses. Just have to prove my experience. Have never heard of Kershner, but there are some good alternatives for the Texas trader.
  6. Bullet


    Things may have changed alot since zone trading became Kershner Group.....but in case they have not, READ THE FINE PRINT before you sign anything!!

    Not making accusations....just passing on what I have been told by both current and former traders of Zone.

    If you want another alternative, though I am not making any recommendations, check out Andover's office off of 183 in Austin. I trade out of my home and have no affiliation with any office.
  7. Yeh I think Andover is now Assent, but that would be my recommendation. should list the address and phone along with the Office Managers name.


    Hey Thank-you guys So Much!!!

    Alot of great information and insight...

    You are right, read everything and the fine print before you sign anything...

    Yeah the more and more I think about it, Remote Trading has the most advantages...I just want the professional atmosphere...
    With like minded individuals...

    But who needs all that when you have Elite Trader, and all of you guys...

    You all have been a great help


  9. Trading remote with Bright would probably be the best choice for those in Texas - how can you beat what Bright has with any of the Austin firms?


    I have already answered that on another post, He does not inspire me what so ever.

    So his firm is out of the question.

    Thank-you for your input.


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