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  1. back up 1 second, and before I ask why a sub llc would change its name, just think of the names prop firms are born into:

    jump trading


    the league

    bright trading (no offense, it just sounds ridiculous...i'm not saying your last name is ridiculous...just the combination of the two..nv)

    spike trading

    i mean, why not something that sounds normal like:

    Caliber financial management (gone I think)


    xyz Group

    nope...its always got to be something absurd. like an animal. or a verb.

    So 2 things here. 1. Any reason why a sub llc would change its name?

    2. While i'm making fun of these names, its actually kind of hard to make one up that you'd actually use. (no last names folllowed by Capital Managment or something generic)
  2. nothing generic. like generic trading/carlin...


    "Hey buddy haven't seen you in a while, hows life?"

    "Pretty good"

    "What you doing these days?"

    "I'm a professional asset manager"

    "No way?! thats awesome! Who do you work for?"

    "Generic trading"

    "Oh...Okaaay! nice well listen I gotta go I'm running late...catch ya later!"
  3. Jump is prop, bright is a shop with leverage. They don't belong in the same thread.

  4. tomato, tomahto

    thats fine...we can just put jump in with shaolin trading. Does that work for you?

  5. "1. Any reason why a sub llc would change its name?"

    Many firms that develop a bad reputation over the years will change their name from time to time to try to attract new traders.

    Most reputable firms will try to keep their good name. It takes years to develop a reputable firm and one way of being recognized is by the name. A firm that has a bad reputation and that has not done good/fair business will want to change their name.
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    We had to change our LLC name before. Originally we were Sexy Boyz Trading but we got too many inquiries from members of NAMbLA.
  7. i agree,many LLC's have ridiculous sounding names and it causes skeptisism amongst potential customers in my opinion.
  8. that's why i trade with Snoops Trading LLC. fashizzle!
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    that made for a good chuckle.:D :D
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