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  1. Are there any firms that can manage a money account for the average person with money to throw around?

    And are there firms that can give me atleast 75% ROI a month?
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    Uh.....I really hope you are not serious. 75% a month! So 900% a year! If someone can get those return they don't need your money.

    I realize the site name can be a bit of a misnomer, but come on.
  3. I've donw some research. I have found prop firms that can give a guranteed 6-10% roi a month. But thats not many bones, if you know what I mean.

    Is 30-40% roi a possibility?
  4. Well, it depends on the trader.

    Take this example.

    You put up $25,000. You use 1 $million of our money. You make $250K per year. You "made" 1000% "ROI." However, the money you use is simply a tool to use, and you have to work for that money. That's what our people do.

  5. Great. But keep in mind, I don't want to trade, I just want proven reputable people to manage my portfolio.

    So if you have these services at your firm, let me know so I can check into it.
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    Please post the list here. Guaranteed 10% a month is too good to pass up.
  7. This is about the most retarded thing I ever heard.
  8. Why, becaust you are so closed minded? You must be the stereo typical trader who has no heart, and no conscience.

    Business men have a broader verizon then the average person. In order to be a successful business man, you have to have vision. Visionary's help spin this small planet you call earth.
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    Listen. Your first problem is the fact that what youre asking is abosolutely rediculous. It sounds like you're saying that youre expecting somewhere between 70% and 100% on your money in a year. The best hedge funds and CTA's out there don't have those kinds of returns and with them you need about a million bucks to invest and be worth about 5 million+.

    Second, no one is going to give you any "guaranteed" anything. If you want a guaranteed investment, you have to go buy a fixed annuity.

    Don Bright tried to explain what could be possible if someone is willing to give you some leverage to throw around if you make a 25k contribution. My advice would be to not show anyone your posts here if you want them to do that for you.

    The responses you're getting here aren't for a lack of vision, it's just that you're expectations are just a little bit silly.
  10. I am willing to give someone my money for 75% monthly returns or 10% monthly guarantees. Why buy CD's or bonds with 10% monthly guarantees? When you eat your retard sandwiches do you cut off the crust?
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