Prop Firm Internships?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Drew07, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Drew07


    Can someone tell me if prop firms hire college interns? I'm a 21 year old economics/finance student at FSU looking for internship oppurtunities in a trading environment before graduation. I have the means to move to New York for a few months so something unpaid is okay. Thanks in advance for any info/advice.
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    the internship at props are usualy back office type things. very few if any give you a chance to work with a trader. plus most traders dont want to be saddled with an intern whi isnt generating any profit for them
  3. best bet is to apply to i-banks if you want a internship in trading. Eventhough this i-bank internship will be different from a prop firm, it could lead to other stuff.

    I would try other places too like Jump, DRW etc.
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    Thanks guys.
  5. Our internship programs are set up for the last year of school. We are able to give up to 4 units of credit at many schools. It seems that you want "on job training"....keep looking, then call me up after your intership program.

    Good luck!!

  6. Drew07


    Thanks Don. I researched your firm a few months ago and if I remember correctly I think I also sent in a questionnaire through your website. I'd really like to get some on job training with a firm in the summer, I've read that your training courses are pretty good. Please let me know of if there's any more information that could help me. Thanks.

  7. Mr. Bright,

    Why are your internships not considered "on job training"?
  8. All I mean is that the college students are actually trading, since for the most part, they don't have their license. We give them study materials for the S7 while they're working here.

  9. Call me when it gets closer to the time frame. I'm sure we can work something out.