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  1. nevilepa


    Hi guys

    Planning to set-up a trading arcade for self backed traders in Singapore with direct access to Eurex, Liffe, CME, CBOT and all other major markets. Hope to offer the most high tech trading floor along with cheapest rates in town. Will also provide facilities for automated server based traders.

    Would like to find out what everyone thinks and if anybody is looking for a trading arcade in Singapore.
  2. Dogfish


    Wouldn't they look at UOBF Schneider, Transmarket or Positive Equity (saxon financials) arcades first. Can you beat the clearing house's (UOBs) own arcade rates?
  3. nevilepa



    We have got a very good clearing deal with one of the most well known firms in the world and hope to be most competitive with the rates.

    We will also not charge no desk fee or software fees for the first 10 traders who join us and again no desk fee for the other traders who trade more than particular volume per month.
  4. tradeny


    Will you be offer US Equity Trading?
  5. promagma


    Maybe not the place to ask, but if an American citizen lives abroad and joins a prop like this, does the income qualify for the $91,500 foreign earned income exclusion?
  6. ark


    I'm interested to take a look and see what is it all about. Wheres the address anyways?
  7. bstay


    I'm interested. I currently trade with TradeStation broker/platform and looking to reduce my commissions/fees expenses. I reside in Singapore.
  8. ark


    Yeah maybe we could all go down take a look check it out
  9. nevilepa


    Initially we will only be offering futures trading but hoping to have a group trading equities in the near future.
  10. nevilepa


    The firm will be located in the Central Business District....
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