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    Does anybody know any Prop firm in Poland?
  2. Here are two notable ones that I have heard about in a different forum,
    --- Saxon Financials, they had plans to start up an office in Warsaw sometime this year, and may still be planning to do so, inquire directly.

    * Keep in mind that unless you lease a dedicated line into Frankfurt or London you would typically be disadvantaged by an extra 40 - 70 ms of latency over the major european financial hubs. Conceivably it would still take several good years for the local telco's to bridge this divide.

    (There are also some swift affiliates, but that company and any local imitators are hardly worth serious consideration, forget I mentioned them and look elsewhere.)

    Dealing desk opportunities are sparse but still developing at boutique firms, local banks and multinationals, but then that's not prop, you must be fluently multi-lingual, and then you would be dealing with a local recruiter.

    FYI, if you're fluent in polish then search "praca derywaty" as a start.

    All the best. Pozdrowienia.
  3. There are some places for Polish Traders like They mostly trade Polish Exchange stocks.
  4. Yes ,kielbasa" trading is very good...its run by three guys, A polish Guy, an Italian guy and an English Guy who walk into the trading room and......