Prop firm in Canada, BC?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Kastro_316, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Hey...Is there any Prop firms you know about in Vancouver Canada, or anywhere close? I want to start trading, but im stuck trading 3 times a week (under 25k starting)...

    Thank you
  2. lescor


    Bright Trading has an office in Langley
  3. I did not know that...

    Sorry for the newbie question, but do you know what qualifications one needs to have to be considered for a position there? Just curious....
  4. lescor


    Just some cash and the ability to pass the Series 7 test administered by the NASD. It used to be $25k, don't know if that's still the case.

    You have to be sponsored to write the series 7. Whichever firm you decide to trade with will sponsor you. Buy the books on ebay, study a couple weeks and write at any Sylvan Learning Center. It's not that hard.
  5. There are also sponsorship opportunities in the Langley office for traders with less then $25,000.
  6. Please call Rob or Darren in our Langley office...and they can certainly advise you the best choice to make. We have locations in Vancouver and Langley..604.539.8700

    Feel free to call me as well...

  7. Kastro_316 I sent you an inbox. I have some trading buddies in BC who are prop. If you are interested I will give you their email address.

    Keep in mind with a US firm you must have Series 7. They don't use a US firm.