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  1. Ñonis


    Hello, I would really appriciate if somebody can give me some information about any prop fim tha let me trade remotely from here, argentina. I want to star trading but this kind of firms are not common here.
    thank you!
  2. where in argentina do you live? BA?
  3. use interactive brokers or ameritrade, the advantage of IB is that all paperwork is submitted electronically, the only problem of course will be funding the account with all the restrictions the gov impossed
  4. Ñonis


    I live in BA (buenos aires), Argentina.

    Can I open an account in any firm without restrictions?

    I only know swift trade, but i did not have good references, and I send them an e-mail and they told me I have to open a place for 15 people, like a branch... I want to work alone at home...
  5. most of us at the buenos aires stock exchange trade by interactive brokers. No problems whatsoever
  6. Ñonis


    if i trade with a broker, can I use the firm´s capital? does the firm absorbe my losses?
    or using a broker means using my own money and facing all my bad choices?
    because, im just starting, i cant afford losing my money, which is going to happen without orientation and practice.

    thank you for answering me, I really appriciate it.
  7. when you trade is your money, so mistakes will be losses for you
  8. why could you go with a JC trading. I know they have traders in Venezuela
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    Nonis, we have a prop firm here in Brazil that could help you become a trader. Send me a private message if you are interested.