Prop Firm for Swing Trading E-mini Futures?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by FuturesOperator, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for the equivalent of a prop firm for swing trading e-mini futures on Globex. This involves holding overnight, meaning larger margins. I'd like some further financial backing to allow me to grow more quickly than I can with my retail account.

    I do have excess funds available in my account, but it's there to handle my system's expected drawdown. I am leveraged as much as I can be for the risk level I am prepared to accept.

    If anyone knows of such a futures prop firm that allows remote trading, please let me know...


  2. FutTrd


    whats my name baby

    whats my name

    just kidding, listen, swift will let you trade futures but you gotta already know your school

    if you are asking swift to teach you forget it

    but no remote at swift, however make a deal where you phone in
  3. Swift does not offer remote trading, has no offices in the U.S.A., and gives you only 30% of your profits. I wouldn't recommend them.

  4. Out of curiosity, did you ever find anything?