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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by riostar, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. riostar


    i'm looking to trade index futures for a futures prop. firm. does any one know of such a firm that will give 10-50 times buying (margins) power for trading index futures?

    Seems there're plenty of prop. firms for equities trading, but can't seem to find any for futures trading.


  2. DonKee


    You won't find any.

    No need for a "prop" firm to give retail traders more rope to hang themselves.

    Margins on almost all futures contracts are about 10% of the underlying and intra-day is about 5%. If you aren't making good money with that kind of leverage, then you probably need to go back to the drawing board.

    If you find a "retail prop" firm that allows more leverage than the exchange minimums, you probably don't want your money parked with them.

    BTW: The largest and most successful traders in the world don't even use close to that kind of leverage.
  3. So $500/ct is not enough leverage for you? Need a prop firm that offers $25 or $50 maybe?


    My guess - you have no freakin clue what you are even talking about... needs more leverage on the ES. Unreal.

    But, welcome to the club. Please get that account opened ASAP and trade your way to financial freedom!
  4. I'm developing a group of traders to trade for my trading group's managed accounts. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want more info.

    Chris Dunn
  5. Careful Gang....this is a "Keystone Trading" type of deal.
    "Their way or the highway"...
    "Follow our instructions"...


    This will be a common mantra in the me.
    Anyone offering capital or leverage....expect it to be restrictive-to-the-max.
    Although it's hard to believe, in this tight credit environment, the prop trading business is about to become EVEN UGLIER than before !
  6. Wow... don't be so quick to judge. Please get your facts straight before you go starting rumors... Just because I wasn't interested in talking to someone as demanding and rude as yourself.