Prop firm fees... Jasper vs Bright

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by warrick, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. warrick


    I trade a dollar neutral strategy and plan to use 20 times leverage overnight on a couple of mill. I have been talking to a few prop firms that will allow this and narrowed it down to two: Jasper Capital (sub llc of Assent) and Bright Trading.

    Presuming the same commission, which one has the lowest fee structure?

    Don...I know a sub llc is not a real prop firm and not secured by the NASD jada jada jada...This is purely a question on fees.

    Jasper charges fed funds plus 2% on the longs and no haircuts, but do not pay short interest.

    I believe Bright has similar financing charge (correct me if I am wrong), but will charge haircuts and pay short interest.

    Since I am new to prop trading (not new to trading, been doing it for over 15 years) I have a hard time comparing the impact of these fee structures on my strategy.

    Bright also has a triple net k-1, not sure if Jasper does it the same way.

    Which one will be lower net net considering my strategy?