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    the above two links give a list of a lot of prop firms but i'd like to hear personal evaluations based on either visiting the firms, trading there, or talking to traders that have traded there.

    so here is my evaluation:

    PTG - uses genesis/laser. office right next to genesis. very unprofessional environment (like playing techno music during lunch time - lol). no real training and will jerk you on commissions as much as possible. you can read 'my experience at a prop firm' thread for more about this firm.

    genesis - laser is an okay bare bones platform. i don't know if any large llcs use genesis. back when genesis had its own llc (RJ Phoenix) - it sucked. they only offered 10-1, decent rates, and they had like 20 year old CRT monitors if you traded from their office.

    chimera - uses assent/anvil. really nice office.

    lnyx - know quite a few traders that got jerked (commission wise). never really visited their office.

    benchmarq - uses dimension brokerage and blackwood pro. visited their office and it looks like a poorly lit basement. apparently they don't have enough money to pay the light bill so they just leave the lights off. as for the system, well i hear from guys there that they have system issues nearly everyday. apparently the guys copied the old hammer (legally or illegally).

    avartar - uses assent/anvil and shonfeld/lightspeed. nice office, but really loud air conditioner so it sounds like a factory. really can't comment on their rates but owners seem nice.

    bright - most financially solid of all firms out there. commissions higher but you get way more BP and you can do overnights if you want. i think you get interest on your money. you have to be licensed and have to put up more than what most firms require - so weeds out a lot of unlicensed and under-capitalized guys.

    hlv - despite all the CNBC commercial, perhaps the sleaziest prop firm ever. good riddance. now called Velez capital or something like that.
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    Does anyone ever heard of Image Financial in Las Vegas or have an opinion on their business? Any info is appreciated.
    Well run?
    Commission rate?
    They have a website labeled -
  3. in which state have you visited these?