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    Do your research before putting money with Quebec prop companies.

    Here's a good place to start:

    -Click on Find an Enterprise (right)
    -Type in the name of the prop firm from Quebec

    You will get:
    -address of the company. You should Google map the address! You'll see some companies are operated from apartments in the ghetto or shit houses. Not a good indication btw's when you don't have info on the web site about management experience and location.
    -the date of incorporation
    -information on bankruptcy, liquidation or dissolution's
    -related companies
    -shareholder info. Look to see if there's changes within management. It can maybe show that management is not stable.
    -info on trading/business names used by the company. If a trading company was previously in an unrelated industry, its probably not a good sign.

    This search can be made for every province and US state.

    Also, other things you should do:
    -do a background search on management, you'll be surprised what you can find on the net
    -ask for management references
    -call previous business partners or traders
    -look up when the web site was registered
    -question the manager/owner of the firm if you find any discrepancies
    -if you're putting good money down to trade there are companies that will do this research for you

    I'll soon be posting some other good ways of doing due diligence or do an example with you guys to see what we can find out.
  2. mlmngod


    if trading in quebec the only place to trade in my eyes is Title, seems all others will screw you some way
  3. octsa


    sorry but Title it's a very common prop shop with L2, Ecn that everybody has. Title trading it's ok if you are remote.

    If you are more serious in Montreal:
    Jitney is a respected trade floor in Montreal.

    Arbgroup looks strong but it's futures/option
  4. octsa


    Jitney is among the best in Canada.
    They are IIROC, CIPF and in business since 2001.

    A certified participant at the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange and the Montréal Exchange, JitneyTrade is also a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (formerly known as The Investment Dealers Association) and of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

    Founded in 2001, JitneyTrade Inc. is a Direct Access Broker specializing in active traders. By effectively leveraging expertise and experience, JitneyTrade provides a trading environment focused on the needs of traders and investors.

    You trade remote with 10,000.
    Or trade on their floor with a minimum 50,000 deposit.
    Their floor attracted the best crowd in Montreal. nothing to do with other shoes shop.
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  5. some companies are operated from apartments in the ghetto or shit houses.

    i luv it......

    looks like a retail trader at the door.

    carry on.

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    how's Global Market Trading like? heard it is a pretty good quebec firm?
  7. HTmarket:
    The link to obtain info on Quebec companys did not seem to work for me.

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