prop firm does not ask for any ID...!

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  1. hello,
    I was about to open a remote account, but something very strange
    stopped me.

    the prop firm didn't ask me any ID copy, driving licence, passport, whatever... nothing.

    I just typed my name in the subcontractor agreement.
    That's all the paper work that was required and they sent me wiring instructions

    ??!! crazy

    (or not?)
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    Hmmm....It's a bit strange. Maybe they forgot? If you need to deposit capital, I'd be careful. At least ask and see what the response is.
  3. wucah


    Why would they care? The only thing that matters is the deposit you put down which most likely you will loose gambling on the USA stock market. Legaly you are going under their Agency so they don't need your ID. Btw What company was it?
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    I'm not sure this is true. If it's a firm where you have to deposit capital, I think there's some money laundering laws which require ID.
  5. A licensed and registered firm will submit your information, including SS number to background checks when registering you. A retail firm will ask for documentation of some sort (as you pointed out). I, too, would be a bit concerned if they just take your name. How will they give you tax reports?

  6. thanks for you answers.

    BTW the firm is Keystone...
  7. i now use tradestation and i had to send them ny ID. then again,they are retail.
  8. I have an account at ameritrade and I never provided a picture id, just gave them name and social.
  9. Mmmm...

    But consider that I was applying for a foreign account, thus in my case there is no social security number...
  10. That has nothing to do with a foreign account
    If you dont have an NY state Id they will need your passport
    Dues to money laundering even if i request my broker to send a cheque to my Po Box Address he say he cant do that he has to send it to my physcial address registered with him
    U need to watch ouyt when something is too easy or too good there is always something behind it.
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