Prop firm deposit 10-30k 100% payout?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Batman15, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Batman15


    Hello Guys, I have been a 12 year trader, took out my money, and want to go prop now.

    Im looking for a firm to deposit 10-30k capital to get about 1.5 mil bp, and with best possible payout, preferably someone who has been on the market for a while, and is reliable.
    Looking for commission max 60 cents per 100, i do about 2-5 million a shares monthly.

    If anyone can help, please message me.
  2. JamesL


    The sponsor of this section, Bright.
  3. lwlee


    Echo seems to be closer to what OP needs. Bright doesn't do 100% payout, Echo does 100%. Wants 20k to open account, Echo does 10k. Commission is more expensive.
  4. LEAPup


    If you get more buying power than 750k with 30k, let me know and I'll send you a 21lb turkey from whole food market.:D

    Bright is a solid Firm, but if you think you're gonna be trading 1.5M with 30k, you better have a track record like Ben Johnson WITH the steroids.:D

    I can't see Don Bright giving you 50:1. If you U4 with him, and you do get 50:1, pm me your address. (that's after Don says it's so, and I can see you on broker lookup being U4'd with Bright Trading.:p ) I'll have the best turkey in the US sent to you if the above comes true, which it won't.:p

    And 100% payout? I'm not even going there. "Clown shoes" as another member here says for your thinking that.

    Best of luck, but you're asking for WAY too much imo unless you're the next Richard Dennis...
  5. hitnrun


    for pro traders you can get 30-50 - 1 leverage with most prop firms

    daytrading bp only especially with a 30k risk deposit

    echo, hold, wts, chimera & others with a 99-95 % payout
  6. $6 / 1k shares is really high. especially for 2-5m shares. even paying half that isn't a good deal. you should be shooting for $2-$2.50
  7. Batman15


    well im looking hope to find someone asap
  8. Batman15


    thanks, i've contacted the ones you recommended, will hear from them tomorrow. who is hold ?
    thanks again
  9. We slow people down (a lot) at 30 to one overnight (hedged of course). Some may "use" more intraday (openings etc.), but we have very few who need to use more than $500k with $30K or so.... again, we don't have a lot of "extreme" type players, most found their edge, and exploit it to a point that is still reasonable, risk wise.

    All the best,

    Don (I have my turkey already, thanks anyway, LOL).
  10. Batman15


    thanks, ill shop around, thanks for the help friends.
    if anyone can think of anyone else, please let me know. very appreciated.
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