Prop firm (bright?) for nondaytrading buy-hold stocks?

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  1. hi, i have a couple of stocks (pairs) that i would like to buy and hold (for maybe 2-3 months) instead of daytrading. I can deposit 25000-30000 USD.

    The thing is I want more margin than 50%.

    I like InteractiveBrokers' commissions, data fees, lack of software fees. No commissions for the first 3 months, so almost free except for the initial $10 data fee.

    Is it possible (what are the cons?) to buy and hold some paired positions for a month using Bright? Besides the "upside" of more leverage, what will be the downside? Is the software fee the only downside?
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    I believe Bright now has a profit split of 80%. That would be the only downside. But if the Bright structure of allowing you to hold overnights makes you money then it would be worth giving up 20% of your profits. Bright is a good firm.
  3. doesn't bright clear with goldman? goldman holds back the 20% profits, don't they?
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    I'm not sure if Don is going to let you come and basically not trade. Someone has to pay to keep the lights on you know.
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    Yea, Bright used to have a $400.00/month desk type fee unless you did a certain number of trades. Plus there'll be a haircut for using their money.

    How is it that people who have money making strategies, don't just build up their account? You might be doing yourself a favor by being margined at 50%.

    I've been trading for 30 years and I can tell ya, there's always another "bus" coming round that corner.
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    What? Dammit Don, how many yachts can you water ski behind? How many? :D

  7. Actually, it's all in the numbers. I suggest you call me to get the real facts about it all...nothing "magical" - I'll send you a PM with my cell number (still working at home these days).

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  9. Brights Costs:

    Start Up Fees/Costs…

    1) Acquiring Series 7 Lic and misc stuff for Bright before joining: About $1000.00

    a. Includes Cost of Studying & Passing The Required Series 7 License Test…
    b. Does not include The Time Costs to You Spent Learning & Doing It

    Yearly Fees…

    1) Yearly Exchange Fee: $500.00

    Monthly Fees…

    1) REDI Software & Desk Fee $200 A Month: If You trade less than required minimum volume

    2) Internet Fees: $30 A Month…

    3) PROFESSIONAL STATUS Data Costs for NYSE, NAZ, etc Stock Data… Approx $100 a month.

    Sum of Approximate First Year Costs…

    about $4800.00 to $5800.00 not counting training…


    But if You Are Smooth Talked Into Taking The Training…

    Then your costs are about double your first year of costs…

    About $8000.00 for the first year costs in total if you take the training… if not more…

    The Optional But “Recommended” Training Costs For Bright Las Vegas Location Training:

    If You take BOTH the 3 Day Training Class + 2-4 Week Boot Camp

    Cost of Training Somewhere between $1000 to $1500 or more
    + Add Hotel Costs, Transportation Costs, Airplane Costs, Food Cost - about $1500.00 or more...

    You should not take this training unless you like throwing money away…

    See my attached word doc on VALUE of Bright Training…

    BrightTrading Training Is Worthless & Costly.doc

    Best of Luck To Ya Laddie… Choose Wisely… :)
  10. agree. thanks
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