Prop Deals For Futures Trading

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  1. Who is trading futures at a prop firm and likes there overall situation. If you don't mind, please give me some of your opinions.

    How is your;

    * Trading Platform

    * Data feed/ Charting

    * Technical Support

    * Payout Structure/Commissions

    * Where/Locations

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  2. I've heard there might be a new outfit in Incline Village, Nevada soon that will offer Futures, Equities, Options and FX to both Retail and Prop accounts.

    I also hear they're set up to offer great Joint Back Office (JBO) services to RIA'a and small to intermediate sized Hedge Funds, CPO's and CTA's

    But that's just what I've heard.


    Dr. Zhivodka
  3. I will check it out...thanks again! :)

  4. That is correct. A group from SF is building out a an office in Incline to offer a professional environment to professional and semi-professional traders.

    I have waiting a long time to trade from paradise and hit the Powder Days for quite some time.

    The group will offer equities, option, futures, and currency to traders that come with a defined edge and trading plan.

    No better place to trade the markets.

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    My firm can help you. Feel free to pm me.

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  6. Thanks for the information....I was planning on contacting you later in the week.

  7. jeffgus


    Finally a Futures Prop Group out West. Looking forward to the action. I do hear that a very good Bond Trader will lead that group. Time to make a great living in "gods country.

    Rock On. Remember the 12 inch rule...................
  8. Chris, at the level you're trading, I'd be looking at leasing a seat at the CME.

  9. Not yet.....LOL.....give me a year and then I will think about it. :)

    How about our own office out here in the beautiful hill country of Austin with our own Globex terminal. Now that would be sweet! :D
  10. In a year, maybe :)

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