Prop/ arcade in San Diego?

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  1. Anyone know of any "prop" firms in SD? I am giving serious thought to finally settling down after about two dozen moves, and SD has always been #1 on the list. Don't want to trade solo anymore (too isolating).

    I am a futures trader but find that equity shops usually offer electronic futures trading also, which is basically all I do. I know vtrader used to have an "affiliate" there, which was prolly two or thee guys. I am looking for something a bit more substantial however. I don't need the firm's money or crazy leverage, just a place to trade with other "pros" (people who make their living trading). Of course, great connections/platforms/and hardware is a must.

    If there isn't any firm in SD doing this, is anyone out there interested in starting up such a group? It would be a not for profit thing, just sharing an office. I'd need approx half a dozen people min to justify the expense though.

    My ETA for SD is next spring. Plan to rent a place for a month or so to do some scouting first.


  2. I trade at a prop firm in San Diego. We got about 50-60 traders that trade through us. About 20 in the office and the rest trade remote. I'll PM you the details.
  3. I was just in the Gaslamp District this past weekend for five days for the first time in a long time. I swear the eye candy was off the freaking charts. Stayed at the Hilton Gaslamp.

    I've done my time in Sandy Dog in the early 80's....Broadway is not your father's Dog any more. The tattoo parlours and cheap diners are long gone. I could barely pick out landmarks....Hong Kong Charlie's was no where to be seen. :D Replaced by yuppy places like the YardHouse.

    But I'm still stunned at $700K high rise condos at Harbor and 5th. Fuxxing insane. That used to be no man's land....gateway to I-beach.....wetbacks on the run....Trolley yard.....crack/ heroin market ....Ship yards...One legged hoe's sucking dick for crack money.

    Now it's Hard Rock Condos and chain eateries....unreal.

    If there was ever a sign of a top in the RE market it's south of B-way in SD.
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    I would like to here more about the San Diego Prop group. I am also in San Diego.
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    You offer also futures ?