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  1. If you are trading with a firm or knows of one please list it here. It would make comparing firms a lot easier.

    Here's one
    MVP Trading
    Remote trading - Yes
    platform Redi-plus
    Min capital reqd 7,500
    Buying power 10-1
    1.5 per share - no rebates
    80 - 20 payout
    no training
    (We all know this is a bad deal so no one needs to point that out). Hopefully. the list will contain the good ones and the bad ones and become a complete list.
  2. OOPS

    should have been. If your trading with a firm or know of one...
  3. Thank you RTharp

    I guess we could close this thread now
  4. You can't really come up with a list to compare firms based on commissions. Most prop firms don't have a standard deal. They usually customize the deal to each individual trader, depending on experience, volume, capital, and etc... What we should do, and I've setup a forum for this, is get the traders here to tell us the volume they do, adn the commissions they pay, and then do an average, this way, we can come up with a benchmark for different volume categories. Here is the link to the board,
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    That's a good idea