Proofing of the Channeling Behaviours

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  1. Greetings, gentle beings of ET. We here at the Mumbai Chai Shop and Trading Boutique are great fanners of the Hershey methods. Today one of our grouping was jazzed on some strange chai with unfamiliar leavings floating in it and changed his time frameing to the one second to match. This is what we all saw. We are swearing it is trueth. So we are proving Hershey right, yes, but what are we to be doing with it, no? Any helping would be much flavored. (We are sorry for the crayolaing out of some annutation, but it is containing cuntentious contents improprietary to our traders grouping.)
  2. wtf?:confused:
  3. You may be disbelieving, but our trading guru has a young maiden who is streching and squeezing him in rhythm with the market to be giving him the kinesthetic back feed, not to be mentioning the needing motivating to be staying awake at this hour.
  4. Not funny at all. I liked your "What's an indicator? Indicators indicate." line better.
  5. It was funny in Hindi.
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    I certainly got a laugh out of it. well done.
  7. Laugh if you will. The Hershey cult is wild running in one minute in NQ this AMing. Here we are angering, they are messing up our normal supporting and resisting.
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    What you need to know are documented here:
  9. India is an eclectic culture. We warmly accept all, unless they are ragheads. We Hershey. We Doak. We No Brain. We are not mindless cult followers.
  10. All is backing to abnormal again. The market once again reports and desists. Hershey alert is over. Timing to change their diapers, oldling and youngling?
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