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    is there any proof here that anyone here is succesful at trading??? has anyone ever posted their p&l??? for the most part msg boards and the like cater to the masses if the masses are typically on the wrong side that would technically imply that this forum is all in the red...

  2. why would you care if you are secure with your own trading... let's say everyone was profitable... what difference would it make in YOUR life! Let's say many were not... also what difference would it make. The only thing that matters is your own results.

    So what's the point of your inquiry?! Or don't you think there ought to be a point. As in trading you ought to know why you did something, so to speak. So... in that regard, why did you post your comments?

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    more curious than caring... theres a myriad of threads on any given day, with a new "winning strategy", or "trader" who boasts about fictious returns... blah blah blah so using the logic above i wonder how could that be???
  4. worthless poster....take take take
  5. Day trading is an investment segment of the securities business...those who hold themselves out publicly for the purposes of training..stock selection..and all types of investment guidance for a fee should be required to show some form of proof that what they are selling is good...and not bad...especially for wanabe players...the mutual fund industry requires it..the hedge fund industry largely depends on the selling of performance...the movement of money is what it is all about...where´s the performance...before I spend my time and money...wall street in general has failed miserably at this..TV financial programming..vitually all of it moves on without the proof..why is this person allowed the pulpit on TV..etc...

    Its you or do you not have some form of proof...foe a year it can be as simple as 12 monthly numbers...
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    Can money be made in the markets? Of course. Can it be made by you? Who the hell knows. From your posts, I most seriously doubt it.

    "Past performance is no guarantee of future results."

    Why do you think this statement is written at the bottom of every type of investment or trading promotion, as required by law? Because no matter what the skill of the organization or individual, YOUR performance using the same investment or trading scenario can never be assured.

    Don't expect anyone to hold your hand and prove to you that you can make money in the markets, which is obviously what you are looking for. By now that has been made clear to you in response to your other posts.
  7. Many people here have over a decade full time trading. There are some serious pros here, and many rookies. The pros who work from home need contact with others, so they use message boards at times for the fun of it.

    Who would trade for a decade if they couldn't make a living off it?

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    You have misconceptions about this business. What is your goal? Do you want to pay someone to tell you what to trade? Nobody here is trying to sell you anything, except maybe brokerage account.
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    Do you think that anyone who actually makes a living of trading, would post his P&L, because some wannabee or rookie demands so? Yeah right... But i can assure you that there are very succesful traders on this board. Last week , ie, i met a guy from the States who happened to be in Holland for a couple of days, who has made it big time and is enjoying his money right now.
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    lmao you all are too funny... im sorry you misunderstood what i was trying to convey... i wasnt attacking those of you who are profitable and legitimate... i was going after those schmoes like and the like... more importantly, i am not looking for anyone to hold my hand or to give me a winning strategy... ive have 5+ yrs of experience in this industry and more importantly i am up double digit perecetages for '02... i was trying to make a point which obviously went the wrong way... i am sorry if some of you are offended but i did not mean it the way it was taken...
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