Proof when filing taxes at home (non-us residents)

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    If you trade on US exchanges and file taxes in your country, what kind of proof do you show to your tax authorities? Is "Trade Confirmation Report" enough?
  2. I save all my executed trades daily with commisions and exchange taxes included (Not skipping one day) I keep a seperate sheet for dividend income and also the taxes paid for it. At the end of calendar year I bring everything together on excel with income/expenditures, invoices for software,data feeds etc, then get a full report file from my broker and compare everything. I keep my own log and the brokers log on a file, of that calendar year (Physically&Digitally) and after that in case I am approached by a tax officer "Here you go eveything is here"
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    Have you ever been approached by a taxman? Is online generated report from broker's website enough or do they only accept old school written documents with signatures and stamp from your broker?
  4. No I haven't been approached yet but thinking the worst case scenario I take every step very neatly and detailed when it comes to tax. This is just me as each country has different laws,attitude and psychology on the tax payers and I take my position according to that.
    As I said, I prepare my own list and yes it is old school but without any broker stamp/sign etc. I print out the brokers statement seperately than keep everything in one file. Everything with invoices included (Software,data feed) than file my tax to the state online and pay. If the taxman decides to see who you are and gives you a call you just show him what you got. If he wants to stress you, he will