Proof TWS tick is broken for weeks and useless, misleading

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by SoesWasBetter, Aug 31, 2017.

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  2. A disgrace
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  3. I know I'm talking to myself, but can u explain how a KEY indicator can be broken for weeks?
    What else is broken?
    Maybe thats why you're losing every day
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  4. But TWS doesn't have tick data and never claimed to. In fact they state explicitly that their "time and sales" data is aggregated.
    If you want tick data just buy it.
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  5. Are you a jackass? You don't know the diff tween tick data and the NYSE $TICK?

    Et is sinking faster than I thought
  6. Problem officer?
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  7. Nope. But apparently you enjoy making a fool of yourself
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    It has been useless to consume Trader Dashboard real estate with TICK for..... a year or more?? Because the idiotic value cited was the Mark. Jeeeez.

    But for the past 2-3 weeks??? This [graph] has been the crap -- that thicker blue line is a 6-minute SMA, and should track well with the SPX.Instead, it rides deep negative values, at odds with the market it tracks. Day after day.

    I have traders that are wishing to migrate from other platforms. And I feel unable to recommend IB/TWS, though they know me to be a long-time proponent. How can I, when basic values can't be displayed? How are you supposed to trade off of that?

    Thanks for bringing this up, SOES.
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    Don't know much about the Tick Indices.. but don't they show the number of stocks ticking up vs ticking down?

    So technically, if the up ticks are bigger than the down ticks... it's possible for the market to trend up, but the Tick Index to drop...?

    So 100 tick up and 120 tick down, but the market weight is with the upticks so Tick Index is -20 and SPX goes up....

    Well I don't know... I never look at this stuff.... I'll put up the Tick-ASX index for Australia...
  10. tick is one of the earliest market indicators
    extreme readings are used to detect program trading or strong current trends

    for this to be totally broken for weeks on the platform of a billion dollar company is an indication of something unholy.
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