Proof the leftist media is trying to destroy traditional marriage

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  1. The leftist media does not care about homosexual marriage. What they want is to destroy traditional marriage which is why they are for homosexual marriage. Ready for the evidence?

    Here is a newsweek article written 6 months ago titled "The case for gay marriage."

    Then this week, exact same newspaper an article written "The case against marriage."

    Now how is it, that just 6 months ago they were for homosexuals getting married, but now they are against EVERYONE getting married? Typical non-thinking leftist minds.
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    Does Newsweek, the business, share the same opinions as its authors? Are both essays written by the same author?
  3. Oh they are not the only leftist magazines pulling this type of thing. Yeah, no bias here.


  4. the best case against marriage is the statistical evidence that over 50% fail. even among christians who beat the drum for traditional marriage the failure rate is 50%.
    would you go to a doctor who had a 50% failure rate?
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    Misguided evil destructive people are everywhere. Everything that is wrong is said to be right! Look at the Ten Commandments and see that people are saying the exact opposite about all of them!
  6. And what about the part where thou art supposed to love thy neighbor as thyself? How did that part get thrown out with the bathwater by the christian Right? Taking out the parts of the sandwich you don't like?
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    Magazines are businesses. Whatever they put on their cover is intended to generate sales. If they are "leftist" it's because their audience is leftist.
  8. Those statistics apply to the US that is heavily influenced by the media. Try looking at divorce rates in places where they dont watch the same TV and read the same magazines and you see marriage is higher than 90% in those places. Thailand for instance has a divorce rate of 1.28% (and the majority of those divorces come from couples where one of them is a westerner)

    Other countries...Turkey is 6% divorce rate. Italy is 12%. Japan 1.9% Armania 6%

    The US is only 5% of the worlds population. Just because people are failures at morality in this country, doesnt mean the other 95% of the world also fail.
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    Adulterer dating site offers $25M to buy rights to new Giants-Jets Meadowlands stadium

    Two weeks ago, New York Giants co-owner John Mara said the NFL's decision to award the 2014 Super Bowl to New York might help attract a naming-rights sponsor for the new Meadowlands stadium.

    "It can't hurt," Mara said. "This is a positive factor. It makes it an even more attractive package, the potential naming rights part, but that will come."

    And now the Giants and the New York Jets, who co-own the stadium, have a company that wants to buy the rights:, which has offered $25 million to buy the naming rights for five years. is a dating service that caters to adulterers -- proudly. The language on the site's welcome page reads: "Life is short. Have an affair." founder Noel Biderman told TMZ the site might even up its offer. "We would be pleased to match any such superior offer," he told the site.

    The site will probably need to do just that. The New York Daily News reported that the Giants and Jets are seeking about $20 million per year for the rights.

    -- Sean Leahy

    Now that I would like to see! Something like this plastered on Fox NFL Sunday!