proof that traders are highest quality people in society

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    warning to reader, first I want to point out complexity of this thread, read slowly and re-read if need be

    Doctors, some of you are them, or how about attorneys etc. None of these respected professionals are as high quality individuals as traders

    Doctors go to med school and learn from books and instructors, if a trader would read a book, he would see what NOT to do

    Every trader and EVEN a noob who just started, has something that majority of people on this planet lack.

    That something is pure and unedited vision and courage. Average people on this plant see trading as only about money

    real traders and even noobs realize that trading is only partially about money and more about freedom, philosophical salvation, intellectual challenge.

    Courage, everyone knows the meaning of the word but only traders and perhaps soldiers truly understand the implication of the word

    To leave your life behind, and embrace RELIGION that is trading, that my friends is courage

    unbreakable belief that one can master the market, this is also shared by casino gamblers, but there is a huge difference

    unlike casino gamblers - trapped in a matrix where rules of math with never let them free, traders are in a completely rull-less environment where only their imagination is the limit

    when traders are walking down wall st, corpses of fallen heroes fill up every gap so street itself can not be seen,

    but that does not stop them, their vision of freedom takes priority over sacrifices

    you are all heroes, each and every one of you :cool:
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    OR maybe I just made the whole thing up so you people wouldn't beat me with a stick :p
  3. I fully agree

    Only problem is wife, family, friends may not understand this, most of them still think trading is gambling

    :D :D
  4. Does that include the guy who takes female hormones, the guy who took a "dump" on the floor of his office and the guys who recently had big blowups in their trading accounts?
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    Oh, I don't believe it. I know it for a fact.
  8. Now everyone come off of their high horse and come to the realization that ANYONE who starts their own business for whatever reason falls EXACTLY into this description.
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    thnx for that very nice thread. second every word.
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