PROOF that the entire Mortgage industry is infested with scum

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  1. BUY !!!!!!
  2. wanna see SCUM...

    pull up CFC and see how much stock the CEO has been sellilng in the last 3-4 months when the stock has been cut in 1/2

    now look at how much stock he sold about a year ago this time ....

    seems like he sells 100,000 shares a DAY ..>EVEREYDAY...

    wehre last year he may have "normal course of planning selling" once a month

  3. Nothing but sales in CFC for a very long time.

    I always thought he looked like a sleaze bag. You want to watch your wallet when he's in the room.

    Something like being in a room with Longhorns, but thats about the smell.
  4. Anyone with a fake tan is morally dubious
  5. ElCubano


    Halted.....another one bites the dust...
  6. Does anyone know how to deodorize the room. Longhorns is a problem, even if you cant see him, you can still smell him
  7. Well, I'll agree with you on Longhorns. However, you and I don't see quite eye to eye on insider sales.

    You slant things to give the appearance that insider sales are "unique" and dramatic to CFC.

    CFC's been in a distribution top for 4 years. Broke trend long ago and churning (albeit wide) since then. Selling isn't much of an issue. Pre-announced. Staggered increments. Pint-sized proportion of capitalization. Those shares are in new hands. Insiders flush with cash (they can spend as they see fit--- including re-purchasing their stock)

    You should be more concerned about a CEO's ability to go to the press and light a match to start a price move industry-wide. 1. The POWER of the media/impressionability of money managers. 2. A ploy to re-purchase some or all of that stock (not necessarily now) at wholesale prices and an accomodative specialist.

    Commonsense. CEO wouldn't "destroy" the pricing of more stock to sell (YOUR focal point).

    Hey, show me a CEO, any CEO who's above reproach.

    An even bigger issue is the notion the average Joe Sixpack has $5000 liquid, a 401-K (which he thinks is a savings account) some credit card debt, upside down toward a car on a 5 year note, basicall lives hand to mouth, and............the equity in his home (net of what's been tapped re-fi). Perhaps I'm wrong but you seem to want some type of mortgage collapse. Pssst, not good for any of us. The destitute ultimately get hand outs. You and I pay for them.
  8. that's always been the case with him.
  9. efficiency, the LUM thing was vile, the sales by CFC which another poster brought up is less of an issue, I agree.

    And I am using a mix of witch hazel and baking soda to try and fumigate Longhorn and Cocaine from my computer.
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