Proof that science is a joke

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  1. Turok


    "An international team of researchers may, just may, have made a radical breakthrough that could rewrite physics and chemistry textbooks.",2933,352980,00.html

    Freakin' morons ... can't they *ever* figure out what's true and what's not.

  2. kut2k2


    It's silly to assume Fox "News" hyperbole is "proof" of anything. This isn't a radical breakthrough, it's just a theory that has yet to be confirmed. And even if true, it has fuckall to do with most physics and chemistry textbooks now in use. Element 122 may be stable but it certainly isn't naturally occurring, not in our neck of the universe anyway.
  3. Gord


    I read of a study once that concluded that over half of what were once scientifically determined conclusions were later found to be incorrect.

    Of course this study could have been wrong... [​IMG]
  4. Turok


    Those who know my posts will know that my tongue was firmly in my cheek.

  5. kut2k2


    Good enough. Sorry the sarcasm doesn't always translate well over "the internets." :D
  6. maxpi


    Nothing but Big Science's PR campaign to scare up more tax money. They will say anything for money really......
  7. Turok


    So really, science never actually advances anything -- it's just about getting more money.

  8. kut2k2


    Which makes them no different from Big Religion in that regard.

    How's that Abstinence Only bullshit working out, by the way? :D :D
  9. Like it mentioned by some posters earlier, FOX NEWS should never be used as a reliable source!!!

    Fox spreads by far the most absurd propaganda in our country and is manipulating the population. It is a shame that Fox is ranked as the number one station for news.

    Please use another source or describe the official organization who made such claim and their affiliation/purpose/motive/(who funded them)...

  10. true to a great degree, there is alot of disinformation out there, including in the science field

    every now and then you hear about some break through on the news, but that's the first and last, cause you never hear about it ever again

    science, specially when it comes to what schools have to provide, have alot of rubbish in them, I'd say at least 80% of it is BS and just made up complicated looking words, possibly to make it look confusing and hard to understand, most likely to keep the average person from having easy access to higher education, and so to add false higher value to education, just like with all other markets, cut supply and you will increase the value of the object or subject of supply

    if you have a hard time accepting my statement, get a university book, read from page zero to 700, and then rewrite the book in a clear and organized format without repeating yourself, give good examples and draw diagrams where need be, and you will only end up with max 100 pages and that is only if it is an advanced engineering or mathematics book

    religion is worse than science, but neither of them are trustful, both are directly tied to money, and people do anything for money
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