Proof that McCain campaing was in on the fake attack

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  1. They provided details of the attack before those details were known by the police or the media. The original story is at this link
    but the following three paragraphs were deleted from yesterday's version:
    These prove that McCain campaign knew "the facts" before they were verified as "facts," and were trying to push these to the media.

    They were in on it.
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    Nothing -- literally nothing -- Republicans do surprises me, unless it's something ethical. They prove time and time again that they will say anything and do anything to win.
  3. This has 0 credibility,
    She must have acted on her own they're wrong, not stupid.
    Stop spreading these rumors, you're acting like Gord with his birth certificate crap
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    She may have acted on her own, but given that she's a College Republican, would you really be shocked if it turned out more of her colleagues were in on it?
  5. It's not a "legal" proof but enough proof to convince me and possibly many others that the McCain campaign (or at least some of the people in it) are in on it.
  6. Tonight McCain spokesman Brian Rogers denied the campaign gave out those quotes, telling Countdown, "They came from the police and were attributed to the McCain camp because of sloppy reporting." An account that does not explain why two television stations both quoted the McCain campaign, or the fact that one of them, KDKA Pittsburgh, specifically followed the McCain quotes with the line, quote, "Police, however, have not confirmed that." And tonight Countdown asked the reporter from the other station, WPXI, to check his notes. He says he got those quotes first, 4:08 pm yesterday, from McCain's Pennsylvania communications director.

    They are trying to deny that they knew by claiming that two separate TV stations lied.
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    Get a life losers.
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