Proof that Israel is #1 theat to our freedom

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  1. They hate our freedom of movement, of speech, and of freedom as a whole.. That's why their propaganda is always aimed at us.

    And all this time you thought people living in caves in oil rich-countries are your #1 concern!! What a black magic spell cast
    Some recent, concrete examples:

    1. Hatred of a free and open media:

    Twitterers paid to spread Israeli propaganda

    Global Research, July 21, 2009

    by Jonathan Cook

    Nazareth. The passionate support for Israel expressed on talkback sections of websites, internet chat forums, blogs, Twitters and Facebook may not be all that it seems.

    Israel’s foreign ministry is reported to be establishing a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel.

    Internet-savvy Israeli youngsters, mainly recent graduates and demobilised soldiers with language skills, are being recruited to pose as ordinary surfers while they provide the government’s line on the Middle East conflict.

    2. Hatred of freedom of movement:

    Foreign tourists barred from visiting Israel and Palestinian areas in same trip
    Israel has told many foreign tourists they will not be allowed to visit Israel and the Palestinian areas in same trip, in a move the US called "unacceptable."

    By Dina Kraft in Tel Aviv
    Published: 8:58PM BST 20 Aug 2009

    According to new Israeli travel restrictions, some foreign nationals who cross into the West Bank from Jordan via the Allenby Bridge, one of two crossings into the area, are given a new "Palestinian Authority Only" stamp in their passport and barred from travel in Israel.

    Many of those given the stamp are reportedly European and US citizens who have relatives in the West Bank.

    US diplomats met with their Israeli counterparts in Jerusalem to complain about the new directive. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that a number of European diplomats based in Israel were also planning to protest the move.

    "The United States expects that all American citizens be treated equally, regardless of their national origin or other citizenship," the US State Department said in a statement on Wednesday.

    "We have let the government of Israel know that these restrictions unfairly impact Palestinian and Arab-American travellers, and are not acceptable."

    Some foreign nationals arriving in Israel at the country's main airport in Tel Aviv, meanwhile, have reportedly been asked to sign pledges not to enter Palestinian Authority territory without coordinating such visits with the army.

    Senior foreign ministry officials quoted in Haaretz blamed their colleagues in the interior ministry for setting the new procedures, saying they did not understand the logic behind them.

    "All it does is damage Israel's image," said an official who was quoted anonymously.

    The tourism ministry has also complained about the new stamp to the interior ministry.

    3. Hatred of personal freedom (organ harvesting):

    On the question of how many organs he has sold Rosenbaum replies: “Quite a lot. And I have never failed,” he boasts. The business has been running for quite some time. Francis Delmonici, professor of transplant surgery at Harvard and member of the National Kidney Foundation’s Board of Directors, tells the same newspaper that organ-trafficking, similar to the one reported from Israel, is carried out in other places of the world as well. 5-6,000 operations a year, about ten per cent of the world’s kidney transplants are carried out illegally, according to Delmonici.

    Countries suspected of these activities are Pakistan, the Philippines and China, where the organs are allegedly taken from executed prisoners. But Palestinians also harbor strong suspicions against Israel for seizing young men and having them serve as the country’s organ reserve - a very seriouus accusation, with enough question marks to motivate the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to start an investigation about possible war crimes.

    4. Hatred of americans:

    Published Tuesday 18/08/2009 (updated) 19/08/2009 18:22

    Bethlehem – Ma’an – Israel has declared the shooting of unarmed American demonstrator Tristan Anderson in the West Bank to be an “act of war” in a bid to avoid compensating his family.

    The Israeli Ministry of Defense sent a letter containing this declaration to the Anderson family’s lawyers, according to attorney Leah Tsemel who is perusing a civil suit against the Israeli government.

    Anderson was critically injured on 13 March 2009 when Israeli soldiers shot him in the forehead with a high velocity tear gas canister during a demonstration against the separation wall in the West Bank village of Ni’lin. He remains unconscious in Tel Aviv’s Tel Hashomer Hospital, where he recently underwent another surgery to reattach part of his scull that was removed during life-saving surgery five months ago. Prospects for his recovery remain unclear.

    Tsemel, the civil suit attorney, told Ma’an that the “act of war” designation automatically releases the government from paying compensation under a recently-amended tort law. Israel makes this designation “all the time,” in tort cases involving Palestinian victims, she said.

    She also said the Andersons’ lawyers would “exhaust all possibilities in Israeli courts,” and in international courts if necessary, to hold the government accountable. A court date has not yet been set
  2. 5. Hatred of basic human rights; furthering genocide and collective punishment:

    U.N. Human Rights Chief: Israel's Blockade of Gaza Strip Is Illegal
    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Print ShareThisGENEVA — United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay on Friday accused Israel of violating the rules of warfare with its blockade stopping people and goods from moving in or out of the Gaza Strip.

    In a 34-page report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Pillay also called on Israel to stop expanding its West Bank settlements and punish all settlers who attack Palestinians.
  3. Americans ourselves are number one at the top of the list of threats to our freedom...

    It is our lack of proper education of our citizens (ignorant voters make ignorant choices of elected leadership) our individual and collective greed, our blind partisanship, our dependence on foreign oil, our capitalism unbridled that allows corporations to hurt Americans, our moral decay (especially shocking since we claim to be a "Christian nation") our lack of intellectual honesty, a corporate driven media...both left and right, our fearfulness (as evidence by how America reacted to 9/11) and mostly our ego that is the greatest threat to our freedom.

    I will concede that Israel is in the top 10 of threats Israel has no real alliance with the needs, freedoms, or best interests of America...
  4. hate begets hatred.

    the cause of all suffering is self cherishing and the cause all happiness is compassion.
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    For once I agree with something you wrote, but only these words.
  6. 6. Hatred of children's rights. Hey, at least they can harvest their organs at a later date:,8599,1906664,00.html?xid=feed-yahoo-full-world-related

    The children's rights defenders collected testimony from 33 minors, including a child identified merely as "Ezzat H.," who described a "soldier wearing black sunglasses [who] came into the room where I was held and pointed his rifle at me. The rifle barrel was a few centimeters from my face. I was so terrified that I started to shiver. He made fun of me and said: 'Shivering? Tell me where the [father's hidden] pistol is before I shoot you.' " According to the report, Ezzat was 10 years old at the time. TIME asked the IDF to comment on the specific incidents mentioned in the report, but a spokesman said that would be impossible without knowing the names of the soldiers allegedly involved.

    Often, children suffer lasting traumas from jail. Says Saleh Nazzal of the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoner Affairs: "When soldiers burst into a house and drag away a child, he loses his feeling of being protected by his family. He comes back from prison alienated from his family, his friends. They don't like going back to school or even leaving the house. They start wetting their beds." Says Mona Zaghrout, a YMCA counselor who helps kids returning from prison: "They come out of prison thinking and acting like they are men. Their childhood is gone." And they often turn to another father figure — the armed militant groups fighting the Israeli occupation.

    According to the Israeli human-rights group Breaking the Silence, a few Israeli soldiers are alarmed by their own troops' behavior. The group cites the testimony of two officers who complained before a military court that during an operation last March in Hares village, soldiers herded 150 male villagers, some as young as 14, into a schoolyard in the middle of the night, where they were kept bound, blindfolded and beaten over the course of more than 12 hours.
  7. So you are partially right, at least that is a start...

    The areas that you don't agree with simply means that you are in need of greater education...

    Ignorance can be excused, as an ignorant person can become educated...

    Whereas the stupid...

    Well, trying to educate the stupid is like pouring water on a rock expecting the rock to absorb the water...a person has to be equally as stupid as the rock if they think a rock can absorb the water...or that the stupid could be educated.

  8. Brilliant!!! Brilliant!!!

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    Gotta luv a member of the ET "we" collective at work...

  9. Like a stamp in a passport really stops anyone from traveling to Israel. All they need to do is tell their government they lost their passport and they get another one and voila....they now have a passport to use in the west bank and one to use in israel. Only costs them about 100 bucks for the 2nd passport.
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    No reason we shouldn't cut ties with them. They are a pain in the ass in the best light and a horror of human misery in the worst. To believe they are some kind of stabilizing force in a messed up region is naive. They are the single biggest destabilizing entity on the planet, besides ourselves of course. Why does it benefit us to be ally to a country who; kicks families out of their homes and farms, walls them up, cuts off food and trade, starving them, and them bombs them? There is zero benefit to be friendly with that government. The only pragmatic solution is to cut ties. Europe is turning on them, we don't need this madness anymore.
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