Proof that DiceAreCast is obsessed with me

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by tsznecki, May 25, 2021.

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  1. tsznecki


    @DiceAreCast aka volpunter aka asiaprop aka one of her many names she has made over the years because she is a seriously disturbed person, has an unhealthy obsession with myself.

    Have a look at the proof:

    Me not logged in:


    Me logged in:


    Be careful, if @DiceAreCast likes you she will play this passive aggressive game to get your attention! #Stalker #Creepy
  2. Overnight


    Really? You want to go there? Shall I pull up all of your stalker posts on me? Shitting on my posts just because you disagreed with me on some post from a year ago or whatever? Pot, kettle, black. Don't go there, dude.
  3. tsznecki


    Go right ahead. Then everyone can see you are a blabbering boomer who sees and avoids my posts because you can't answer them.

    And here's another question for you: If you weren't triggered by my posts, why would you care to respond? The fact you know I'm quoting your posts in my posts shows you care what I have to say.

    #InOvernightsHead #TriggeredSnowflake
  4. Overnight


    Meanwhile, Dice has you so fired up, you takes pics of and highlight his/her posts and start an entire thread to whine about him/her in the Feedback section, of all places.

    #DiceandOvernightInTszenckiHead #NothingButTrollingUsers #NoSociallyRedeemingValue
  5. virtusa


    Tsznecki is a seriously disturbed person, has an unhealthy obsession with several people.
    That's why I have him on ignore already for a very long time. ( found this thread because I did not log in).
    This thread is like a small child that is whining about something he created himself.
    I see that he has found in this thread a new victim. One of the many. :D
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  6. tsznecki


    Not at all. I do the same for any disturbed member of ET. You can search for my previous threads about @FortuneTeller

    Speaking of fired up, why are you responding to me still about another person? I've got into your head too. You are quite the stalker! #ImInYourHeadOvernight #PostAVideoReplyLikeAnAutist #HeyFBIThisWeirdoOvernight

    Or maybe @DiceAreCast is your lover and you have to defend him? #DiceAndOvernightGayOrgy!

    I noticed you dodged my point about me calling you out that you are responding to my posts. #OvernightsStillTriggered #Melt
  7. tsznecki


    Oh hi @virtusa ! Wow I have so many fans!

    Nice to you to drop by and share your thoughts even though you have me fully blocked. It seems you just can't stop thinking about me!

    Do you think about me everyday logging out just to read my posts? #Obsessed


    I can send you my used underwear to smell when you wake up to read my posts in the morning.
  8. virtusa


    Since I totally blocked tsznecki one year ago, I never logged out to read his posts. Completely forgot him.
    But yesterday I saw by accident a thread started by him( I don't always log in just to read a few minutes).
    I decided to do a test to see if he is doing what he is accusing others from: logging out to read post from. And in less than 24 hours I have already proof that he cannot resist to log out and read posts from blocked people.
    I see he is still using the same marginal language as last year. Tsznecki has mental problems and childish behavior. Now I remember again why I blocked him.

    I am not going to do like he is doing. I will just forget him again, no loss at all, and skip his posts when I read in logged out mode on future.
  9. tsznecki


    @virtusa above ^ says she will ignore me and not respond to any of my posts, but here she is replying to me again while logging out.

    Because she has an unhealthy obsession with myself. #RestrainingOrder

    Hey @virtusa do you want my used underwear shipped by Fedex or UPS?
  10. Buy1Sell2


    Folks---this is not useful feedback for the site proprietor.
    #10     May 27, 2021
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