Proof Sykes is a fraud?

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  1. Someone just posted on sykes site about this trade.


    I can add into any short squeeze because this is the 1st down day on a real company that has real shareholders who I believe will look to reduce their positions into this absurd spike, looking to cover under $100, maybe even under $90…

    And now he magically claims to have covered at not 100, not 90. but the same day as he posted that at 107.97 !!!!!!!

    I think he was able to cover because he told his 'customers' to short the thing. Now its printing in the 115-120 level again and they cant get out.

    Something about that guy aint right.

    Besides being an attention whore, there are quite a few suspicious things about the operation.

    He mentions 20+ stocks a day, but 'trades' according t0 covester only 1 or 2 every 5 days? 90%+ winners? Right.
  2. is Sykes so despised that not even a comment?
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    Maybe because he's not so despised as you think? Maybe he actually has something legit to sell. Of course the resident losers could never face up to the fact that they might be looking the reason for their losses in the mirror every morning....but the majority of people with half a brain...

  4. Yes that is possible, but I do notice the results he claims seem very 'cherry picked'.

    He'd be able to make millions just trading on his own if he was 1/10 as good as he claims to be, so something doesn't pass the smell test.

    Know what I mean

    Of course, if he actually needs a legion of traders pushing the price around for him, then his ploy makes sense.

    And frankly, the constant and obnoxious self promotion and infantile jabbering is a big turn off.

    I hope thats not the marketing plan he was sold.
  5. PS After getting his 'customers' into a short "ISRL" , and then claiming to cover WAY higher than his target before any of them could get the word , how many are now stuck short in an illiquid 100+ stock that may squeeze against them at any time.

    Will he post teste monials about that?
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    It's most certainly a turn off to some people, and that's actually the point. Most people will never understand that, but from a marketing point of view you can make more money if 90% Of the people hate your guts and 10% love you vs the reverse..I don't know why it's true, I wish it wasn't but it is.

    In terms of making millions trading penny stocks, I don't think very many people do it legally, and even Tim himself has said this. It's a niche that's full of people with small accounts and who hope to turn them into bigger accounts, and Tim actually does do a good job of providing a service to those folks.

  7. He definitely has something to sell but it sure is not legit. You should know all about that, lol.
  8. Look, if you can believe the supposed trade he posts , he's the greatest trader that ever lived. Dudes, claiming yet another winner. What doesn't make any sense is the FEW trades he's posting (like one every 3 days), vs the dozens of possible plays he touts a day.

    Who the hell can be that selective?

    Could be that Covestor is easier to fake with one trade . Maybe he keeps switching brokerage's or accounts, and cherry picking the winners. Just a thought. It was good for Hillary.

    He could size up and make huge money , without any of the bs of marketing. He would have to be an idiot to waste all this time and energy on selling to morons. He trades stocks that are liquid enough to handle 10,000 or more shares easily, so thin is no excuse for trading piker sums.

    I don't trust Covestor results at all. Does anyone know if that thing can be gamed easily?

  9. funny post. another conspiracy huh? tim's goal is to redo turning the small amount into millions, this time in a fully vetted, open format--hence covestor. he will size up, when he has the capital in the account---- he started with a set amount, and is not adding funds--thats the point. what don't you understand?
  10. I don't understand his results. Apparently you would believe anything as long as Covester blessed it.

    I'll say it again, if he was 1/10 as good as he 'appears' by his trades, he's totally wasting his time pimping to tards.
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