Proof of manipulation and criminal intent

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Ms. Schapiro cited the example of a trading algorithm that was programmed to sell 10% of a stock's average daily volume in just two seconds. The particular algorithm triggered one of the circuit breakers for individual stocks that the SEC imposed after the flash crash, causing a halt in trading.
  2. I'm as much against HFT's as anybody, but how is this manipulation?
    Selling stock at the market is now manipulation???!?!?! No wonder there is no volume going through when even people who are hitting market are being accused of being crooks.
  3. There's plenty of volume, you been drinking the 'no vol' kool aid. open your eyes.

    Selling 10% of the DAILY volume in 2 seconds?

    Get a clue. Do we have any pros here on ET or is it all dweeb?
  4. Mate you dont really have a clue about trading, especially if you think there is plenty of volume out there. There is nothing wrong or manipulative about selling 10% of the daily volume in 2 seconds.
    That's just entering a big short position and putting your balls on the line. How does it guarantee profits? If the market is strong, then what? This algo will get his stock soaked up and pushed offside with no one large enough to get out on, he'll be massacred. Even if he manages to get the price down, he still need to get sufficient sell orders down there to cover.

    There are so many instances of market manipulation by these HFT's and you focus on this??? Isn't helping the cause against the real scum one little bit