Proof of Leftist propaganda on Jared Laughner

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  1. Here is Jared laughners current facebook page. You will notice right away it says his religious views are "Jesus" that he is a "tea party patriot" His favorite books are Sarah palins & glen becks books and he like Rush limbaugh and christian rock bands.

    Now....take a look at his facebook page on the day of the shooting. He had OBAMAs picture as his profile pic. But hey...maybe during the ride to jail, the cops let Jared update his facebook page on their computers that they have in their cars. This just goes to show the propaganda on the left.

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  2. And you believe a homemade clip from youtube that probably wasn't his facebook page
  3. Without verification I wont assume that this is his page either

  4. She was shot at 10 a.m. yet somehow Jared was making comments on his facebook 10 hours later? His exact words were "No! I won't pay debt with a currency that's not backed by gold and silver! No! I wont trust in God! Ron Paul revolution!"!/permalink.php?story_fbid=117223661683315&id=1105353407

    His first comment ever was at 5:32pm on Saturday the 8th (7 1/2hours after the shooting)

    Apparently facebook deleted his page and some leftist started a profile pretending to him.
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    Yet you will assume sarah palin had something to do with it wiithout any evidence.....

  6. I believe her hate filled violent rhetoric encourages political violence
  7. Looks like there might be propaganda on both sides then. just found his real facebook page. Nothing interesting on it. I only know its his because i recognize one of his friends on the news that gave an interview.
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    But the hate filled violent rhetoric from your side of the political isle does not. Gotcha!
  10. yeah, i just figured it out. When I was looking for his youtube channel, that was the name that popped up and I didnt catch it.
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