Proof of Jim Cramer

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  1. I now have hard proof of Jim Cramers mental retardation, as if we questioned it to begin with. I give you this-

    “The word is that there is a developing rig shortage,” Cramer said during Friday’s Stop Trading!.

    The speculation has reached the level, Cramer continued, where people expect National Oilwell Varco [NOV 48.14 -0.60 (-1.23%) ] will have to build more rigs to meet the demand.

    We had 1,600+ gas rigs drilling a year ago, now at 721 and we have a developing shortage. my FUCKING RETARD detector is going off like crazy.
  2. When the market closes, live life.

    Stop being a retard for watching the guy. It behooves me why people get drawn in to wasting their time listening to mouthpieces.
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    Could someone verify what Cramer said about tic-tac-toe tonight? Did he say that you would always lose if you started a game like this?


    Or did I miss an X on the board somewhere?
  4. Who gives a flying F$#& about Cramer!! Why is that you all are so obsessed with him?

    Why dont you all just go to his studio and give him a blowjob !!
  5. Stop being a retard by using "behooves" incorrectly. You weren't even close.
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    The "Stop Trading" segment airs during market hours.
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    LOL. Give him hell atticus. Don't feel bad futstrader111, I had to look it up. :(