Proof Of Cramer Manipulation

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    Why does it have to be manipulation? It's not some big secret who is going to be on Mad Money is it?

    I'd love to see someone throw the book at J.C.(the initials are ridiculous too!), preferably a Bible or War and Peace, but I'm not sure this constitutes any great fraud.
  2. It's a TV show. I've been on a TV show myself and everything is planned out in advance.

    Dozens of people work on a TV show.

    So, if someone is going to be a guest on a TV show, there are dozens of people who need to know about it in order to do their jobs.

    The person who leaked the news could be a producer, an assistant to the guest, a cameraman, many possibilities.

    There is no reason to assume a deliberate leak by Cramer himself.
  3. This isnt a rare coincidence or a random slip of the tongue. This happens with many Cramer picks. The usual routine is that a day or two before the show we see an uptick in volume and price spike on no apparent news.

    Lets say that I am one of Cramer's assistants and I overhear that they will pick a certain stock on the show. How much of the stock can I buy to effect a publicly traded equity? How many friends and family members would it take to effect a publicly traded equity?

    I guess it depends on the equity and how much cash Cramers assistant can muster in a 24 hour period. Im willing to bet, though, that the stagehands wouldnt be able to muster the millions of dollars required to effect some equities.

    Lets say you were Cramer and you see that some news had apparently leaked from the show. Wouldn't you shake down everyone and make sure that this did not happen again? Wouldnt you keep tight controls on the show? Why would the staff risk getting fired?

    I have actually been on the Cramer set. I went to one of the shows where he had a studio audience. You had to email in a request and I received a reply from one of the Cramer people. I had a chance to speak with one of Cramers assistants. She told me that all the information about the stocks featured on the show is tightly controlled and only those who need to know are told beforehand.

    I highly suspect that this is more then a coincidental leak, but more of an organized effort. Cramer has played tricks like this before which he admitted to in the video on Youtube. There is also a book "Trading with the Enemy" where his tactics were bluntly described. This is just another instance where Cramer is up to his same old tricks.

    One can only wonder how much Cramer has profited off of the side money he gets from these projects.
  4. after watching the obscene comments jc made on the infamous youtube leaked interview it should not come as a surprise if he also leaks info about his picks ahead of the show.
  5. I only watched part of the show once but Im pretty sure at the beginning of the show they clearly stated that the information Cramer was going to give out may have already been given to others.
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    Jim Cramer should be put to guys who hate him are the reason they keep him on...that and drunk college boys who play drinking games to his rants.

    I've seen the show 2 times I think and both times it was time because of jim, the next time because jim was practically blowing his guest who is the CEO of Countrywide and has sold $140 million in stock in the last 14 months...Cramer bashed him for it a few months back and then swallowed this time...he's a fucking fool.

    Until he gets caught sleeping with underage boys or insider trading, the only way to get him off tv is to stop watching him.

    sorry, but your obsession with jim cramer is what keeps him on the air.
  7. BTW, I haven't see a Cramer lookalike on Law and Order yet, but they had one on Raines last night. (you can watch it on They had him pushing buttons and throwing furniture, but the actor looked more like William H. Macy than Cramer.

  8. No, not a coincidence. The whole market is a house of cards. It's good that you're opening your eyes to how money is made with stocks on the street. They all front run the average retail investor. How do you think that the only division in GS that makes consistent multi-billion profits is their trading group? Get used to the reality and learn to profit form it.
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    27-Mar-07 02:40 pm Thats what I was told by my broker hes not lied to me before and he is usually very reliable
  9. It looks like Cramer is trying to manage the damage. He was on The Big Idea last night, appearing to put a human face on his otherwise bizarre personae. It turns out he claims to have been some half-breed tough guy/nerd who had been tapped as an idiot at a very young age. Then there was another time in his life when he was sleeping in his car for nine months, his stash, a gun, his boy scout ax, and a can of talcum powder for his general hygiene. It was difficult to decipher the underlying message. Was it an attempt to cull sympathy, or was he outing himself as an idiot?

    You decide.
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