Proof Obama Was Born In Hawaii?

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    This is a photo of Obama’s school registration at the Santo Fransiskus Assisis school in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first line notes his name, the second line shows where he was born, the third line notes his citizenship, and the sixth line shows religious affiliation. (Photo: Charles Johnson/TheBlaze)

    The document shows
    Name: Barry Soetoro
    Birth Place: Honolulu
    Citizenship: Indonesian
    Religion: Islam

    <img src="">

    TheBlaze repeatedly photographed the document in the office of the current headmaster of Santo Fransiskus Assisis, a Catholic school that Obama attended from January 1968 to December 1970 in Jakarta. The record shows that Obama (or his parents) – at least for the period of his life – claimed to be an Indonesian citizen, that he took the last name Soetoro (the last name of his step-father, Lolo), that his religion was listed as Islam, and that he was born in Honolulu.
  2. 2008 election null and void...all laws passed since 2008 are revoked
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    Thank God!