Promising New Diesel Fuel

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    i was saying it here few years ago, that promoting diesel in us would be most logical step. what's gov done so far-useless for customer,harmful for environment and engines ethanol madness and 4.5 for diesel..
  2. Blame the EPA for mandating ULSD (>60? PPM sulphur), causing refiners to pass on increased cost to diesel customers.

    Diesel customers, by and large, are truckers and train operators. They pass on increased costs to their contractors, who pass on the increased costs to the consumers, who have nobody left to pass the increased costs onto.
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    Looks like it is a private company.No way for the small investor to buy stock.Too bad.It looks good.

    Company Overview

    Amyris Biotechnologies is dedicated to improving the world by leveraging breakthroughs in synthetic biology. Amyris' technology is able to provide a consistent, cost-effective supply of biofuels and other high-value natural compounds, including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and nutraceuticals.

    Amyris is currently focused on two major projects:

    * The production of the drug artemisinin to fight malaria in developing countries

    * The production of renewable biofuels to help reduce global warming
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    Gotta be careful not to be scammed. They use the latest trendy words eg bio, genetic, hi-tech etc. If it comes unsolicited its probably a boiler room scam. There are about 200 of these fraudster groups operating out of Spain alone ! They have booklets that counters every argument most people can think of off the cuff.
    Yell SCUMBAGS down the phone and hang-up !!
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    Yeah! Slash & Burn all the rain forests to make room for Sugar Cane crops. Err, umm, oh. You mean Sugar Cane will not grow on U.S. based farms? Yeah, thats the ticket!. More foreign dependency, reduced rain forest area, and "super-microbes" to digest all this starch.
  6. What about other energy like electricity, hydro-fuel, hybrid fuels, wind, solar, & others? Why not use them? Why we not start & keep using oil or diesel or petrol? :confused:
  7. Have seen many new inventions, imagine car running on water, air, solar, hybrid fuel and they are considered better also. However, the mighty powers of oil are the ones that do not allow them to progress for obvious reasons.
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    Still think hydrogen powered vehicles and power stations is a big chunk of the answer. Easy to produce by running electricity through water, even sea water and there is plenty of that.
    And where does the electricity come from I hear you ask ?
    The Government needs to encourage every home owner to become a mini power station. Every home owner has a roof area which is perfect for solar radiation. There is existing technology to enable any surplus power to be put into the national grid system and by doing this the home owner would get paid. This would produce a nice income for those willing to have solar panels on their roofs !!
    And what about night time ? Some of the hydrogen produced during the day would be funeled back to power stations, with regular stations to fill any gaps.
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    All wonderful ideas, but driven by economics (I don't believe in giant conspiracies.) When the economics are there we will see the widespread switch over to alternative energy. It's really that simple, and we are not that far off from the tipping point. I too like the promise of hydrogen from water, but i think the economics are quite a ways off. Nuclear power generation has the greatest potential to be economically competitive with hydroelectric generation (the cheapest), but it's favorably economics will likely not be realized in the US for basically the same reason that billions have been wasted here removing asbestos from buildings -- greed and duplicity of asbestos removal contractors and public irrationality. In the case of reactors you have the greed of contractors who stand to gain a great deal from complexity and regulation combined with the irrational fear of an uninformed public that plays into the hands of these contractors. Other countries, e.g., France, have succeeded where we have failed and built simpler, safe, one design reactors. They are already very close to 100% nuclear.

    The helium cooled, thorium breeder reactors that General Atomic, in San Diego, developed in the 1970's were based on a marvelous concept but again killed by irrational fear and regulation, leading to untenable costs. This is a design that should be revisited.
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