PROMISES, PROMISES: When Obama's promises conflict

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  1. PROMISES, PROMISES: When Obama's promises conflict

    Absent a magic potion or explosive economic growth, it was all but inevitable President Barack Obama would have to break some of his campaign promises to keep others. If there's one thing that distinguished them besides their ambition, it was their incompatibility.

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  2. I'm not quite sure it matters if Obama keeps his promises.
  3. Ain't it funny how politicians (professional liars) always know how they would spend money ...... yet they have no idea how to make money?

    More proof we should have never given women the right to vote. Same exact behavior - Mom is real good at going shopping, weak when it comes to bringing home the bacon. And women always cry when Nature executes a little Creative Destruction..... no wonder we're about to give all illegal immigrants amnesty.

    The LORD set man over everything in His creation, yes man was to be the head of the wife. She was created from him, for him, to be a helper comparable to him.

    Nature will eventually force our collective handz...... If a thing cannot continue, it will end
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    His disciples certainly don't care.
  5. All politicians make promises and then break them. At this point everyone just about expects this from politicians. They are broken for many different reasons; failure to enact their policies, no real commitment to the programs after elections, and other factors.

    What is so strange about Obama's promises is that they were all conflicting - a situation that is not the norm.

    If there's one thing that distinguished them besides their ambition, it was their incompatibility.'
  6. Reagan sold weapons to a state sponsor of terrorism.
  7. A little dusty in the attic, huh? Got any news....:cool:
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    Try to stay on topic troll.
  9. That is part of the topic, redneck. All president's promises conflict. Obama's have conflicted less than most.
  10. The fact remains and it impacts us to this very day. Perhaps you should get off Drudge and try catch up on reality.
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