Prominent climate change denier now admits he was wrong

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  1. Obviously if futurecurrents believes that "The ice age thing was never a widely accepted theory and was hyped by the press" then he did not live through the 1970s. Anyway over the age of 10 during the 70s who paid the least bit attention to world events knows that 'coming ice age' was regularly pushed by academics (who were alway interviewed), foundations (who were taking in all sorts of money for 'studies') and was in the media constantly. I can only say that obviously futurecurrents was either not paying attention or did not live during the 1970s in the U.S.

    It was no different than the Global Warming nonsense being pushed today - expect now we have the internet so the 'broadcast' of global warming hype is much more prevalent.
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  2. So the only people who can join the climate scientist club are the ones who meet your approval - the basic standard being the person must support the global warming agenda.

    It does not matter how many polar research foundations they worked for, how many ice core samples they took, or how educated they are -- somehow dissenting voices are to be publicly minimalized and discounted.

    Of course, if Zbigniew Jaworowski supported global warming then you would support him as a brillant man and a great climate scientist.

    Can you tell me what percentage of the people you support as being "climate scientists" actually have a degree in 'climate science'?
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  3. Let's take a look at the degrees of futurecurrents' favorite Penn State Professor Michael Mann. Mann has undergraduate degree from Berkeley in physics and applied math. He has his masters and PhD from Yale in physics.

    He has no degree in anything related to climate science. Can you explain to me what educational achievement makes Michael Mann worthy of being considered a "climate scientist".

    Obviously the dude is a physicist, not a climatologist LOL !!!
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