Prometheus HFT, real or scam?

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  1. I am wondering if I should apply to this firm. In typical fashion, there is zero information about their founder/members and you trade remote.

    Does anyone have a clue if this is YET ANOTHER prop firm scam?

    any experience? thanks
  2. Do your research and only choose a firm that has good reviews and is well-known on the web for remote trading. There is barely any information and no testimonials or reviews from previous clients. You're putting yourself in a risky situation by attempting to do that.

    Try Investimonials ( or (

    they have prop firm reviews on investimonials and connects to traders account so you can see which traders on the web are really profitable and who are just wanna-be 20 something's
  3. This person has a blog to host their trading firms website... and they do HFT... BUT hes writing a daily overview of the Market...

    Buddy needs to get his ass in gear and write a couple thousand lines of HFT code
  4. where is the website link for this place
  5. hey man you might be interested to hear. i saw their ad on craigslist for a "junior derivatives trader:" so i responded and next day i got a call from a recruiter who went thru a basic Q&A and she says they are looking for peeps to trade firm capital with no deposit required 50/50 split on sounded great but red flags in a way. really your just gonna give me money to trade and you dont even know me??? anyway so she wanted to walk me thru there platform and we scheduled appt for 12noon next day conf call. she doesnt call....i emailed her and asked if we were still on....she responded "no...we are will need to call the owner Jim to discuss opportunity...sorry"//// wtf is that??? shady i email Jim...he responds by asking for phone number and best time to contact....never heard back. so i dont know if they are a scam or just dont know what they are doign or what but that is my breif experience with prometheus HFT......
  6. I worked for this scam for 4 months from start up. The guys name is Jim Goldman. The rules changed weekly and I was lied to MULTIPLE times about payment. The contracts go on a month to month basis and states that "you will be paid within 5 business days of the contract ending." I was paid on my first three months in very shady fashion. I met him once and he gave me 1/4 of what was owed in cash and paypaled the rest three days later. This time he has told me multiple times, "I will pay you tomorrow," and hasn't. It's been a month and now he is just flat out ignoring me. I have a lawyer involved now. Do NOT get involved with this scam.
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    Craigstlist in itself is a total scam. I'd bet 90% of the "job/opportunities" would be a scam. I guess when it's free, let the "buyer" beware.
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    Most job classifieds are no longer free on Craigslist. (really depends on the city)
  9. I have had issues in getting paid. Quite a few red flags along the way, but not the obvious foreigner person type of red flags.
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    You fight fight fight and fight more and more than likely you will never get paid.
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