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    Finally saved up my cash, and I am now free from the PDT rule. I have been swing trading for 3 years, and had +100% return last year (I am lucky). Now I will be trading counter-trend, looking for reversals. Naturally there will be many small wins / a few big losses, everything under control of course :D. This is my preferred type of strategy (I tend to be a psychopath in trading and in life, although it bums me out so I guess I am not too bad off).

    I am no good so far .... I find that daytrading is NOT swing trading:

    3/29 -10
    3/30 +550
    3/31 -650
    4/3 +89
    4/4 -290
    4/5 +240
    4/6 -350
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    I am $458 above the 25k threshold. Below that, it is game over for a while. The plan for Friday and next week is a small position size, fixed $2000 per position, so that the 25k limit need not be a consideration in my strategy.

    This may be a short journal.
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    Today, -25 on 1700 shares. Not a lot of reversal opportunities on a strongly trending day, so I don't mind being close to breakeven.
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    -260 on 2500 shares.

    My strategy isn't working well. Actually it was quite spectacular to lose that much, trading so lightly. Unless I can get something going tommorow, this is the end of things for a while.

    I was able to improve my executions today. I found that with NVAX, a hyperactive stock with a penny spread, a market order works best .... the relative order with 0.01 offset almost always slipped a penny. So I lost $190 in NVAX with great precision. Also I discovered that trading less than 100 shares, you will have slow executions about half the time.
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    As you have found out, trading anything less than 100 shrs will result in horrible executions. If I don't have enough confidence in a trade to take a full position, then the trade is not worth doing.

    Good luck with the journal.
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    Nothing going today. I'm done!
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    I retrospect, I think my 2 months backtesting was inadequate. I avoided curve fitting, commisions and slippage were in line, but it seems my strategy suffered as overall market conditions changed. I ran the numbers - the backtesting period had 92% win rate, forward testing (paper trading) had 88% win rate, and going live 42% (average winner half as big as average loser). Since then, it is mostly churning.

    Meanwhile I have recovered about half my losses swing trading. Yesterday and today I am scaling into short QQQQ and long GLD. Also I am long AMTD over earnings, and will continue to hold for about a month. I am stalking a good long entry in DGX, to hold for a month or so.
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    AMTD is not working out, I am holding for a while longer. My larger positions - short QQQQ and long GLD are working.

    Actually just covered QQQQ for +1.85%
    Reversed to long QQQQ @ 41.94
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    Closed QQQQ for -0.3%, now short @ 41.89

    This is an index swing trading strategy I am working on. If it works out, I can leverage it by trading futures or options.
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    Covering QQQQ for -0.17%, long at 41.96.

    I am trying to get on the right side, and let it run.
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