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  1. Anyone use a projector in home?

    What issues do you have? What specs are most important?

    I know the monitors I have are 1680x1050 native 10:9 aspect ratio. I think they are 3000:1 contrast ratio.

    My Video Card

    I have been lookin at some on best buy:

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    I have had a native 720p projector for years. My main reason for getting one was screen size. Hard to beat 106" screen... except during the day or any running lamp lights.

    In order to get the full benefits of a projector the room needs to be 100% dark or near dark. No light should be "washing out" the projectors lamp. There's really no way around this.

    For normal use (no dark rooms) LCDs are the way to go. If you can wait, you might wait and see what are offered by the new Apple TVs.
  3. As much light (ANSI lumens) as you can get and as much resolution as you can get. Then get room darkening shades (the roll down kind) to install behind your curtains in the room. A nice 7' leather couch with recliners each end and you're in heaven. Best nap you ever had - 20 minutes on that sucker in the afternoon and you'll wake up in heaven.

    Tip: Check the lifespan and cost of replacing the bulb. They're much better today than ten years ago when I spent $2,500 for a top of the line projector and replacement bulbs were $550 back then.
  4. Any good reason to? Are we teaching a dozen of kids how to trade?

    Images from a projector are dim and hard to read. Unless the room is pitch dark. It is far harder to read than the direct lights from the LCD screen, or even better - LED screen.

    If run multiple monitors, you would need one projector per screen.

    Really no advantage of using a projector compared to a big, say 30-inch, LED monitor.
  5. Is OP trading from it? Most commonly they're used for watching movies and doing presentations to a group. Football is awesome too.
  6. I suppose so. This is a trading forum, I would have thought...

    Even with watching TV or movies, from a direct light device (LCD, LED) is so much better than from a projector - reflected lights. Unless they want a 100-inch projected screen area. The plasma and LED have gone up to 70-inch now. Even TV studios use them to make presentations instead of doing blue-screen composite.
  7. My indoor screen is about 15' diagonal and my outdoor screen is the largest white painter's tarp that Home Depot sells; it's hung from teh roof when in use. Movies are awesome inside and the superbowl parties outside are incredible.

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  8. once you watch a full 1080p hd movie from a good source on a 100"+ screen, you will never go back to tv again. It's better than the movie theaters in term of picture quality. A tv is just that..a tv, not a movie experience. Only projector can deliver that. The first time you watch planet earth hd on a 100" screen is something everyone should experience once.

    In term of spec, i always lean towards lcd instead of dlp because of the ease of placement and it gives more pop. But some of the hardcore videophile likes dlp for the more movie-like color and deeper black. If it's your first project go with lcd, easier to setup. The panasonic ae7000u or epson 8700ub are both excellent and a bargain at $2k, those kind of pq cost $5-10k just 5 years back...

    Also make sure you get a good screen not some cheap crap or on a wall. makes some excellent screens at a good price.

    The ideal setup is in a batcave/basement, but most of us cant do that. So you would have a 42" tv for news/quick viewing, then the projector for the good stuff...

    good luck