Projected inflation rate post Covid?

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    Anyone have any articles or projections on the revised inflation rate after all these tax cuts & helicopter money? I don't quite trust the fed numbers from their last emergency meetings. FWIW, these were the projections pre-Covid:

    1.9 % in 2020
    2.0 % in 2021
    2.0 % in 2022
  2. 5-10%
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    link? which year(s)?
  4. Durables will pop for a single quarter and then the deflationary spiral will commence. v2 of the virus comes in October-Nov and then all bets are off. You all are fucked... I’ll be fine.
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    when will it be mine turn for 10k/day CEO?
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  7. The real inflation rate is actually much higher
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  8. You know dick about dick. Zero pricing power. WTI just dropped by 40%.
  9. Generally inflation is higher than reported by CPI figures. Perhaps you know dick.
    Check M2 and devaluation of the dollar over time

  10. Right, says the guy who was short all week. Take a look at a dollar chart against majors... loserrrr.
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