Project for sale - Stock charting package.

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  1. I'm sailing the project with the exclusive using rights (with source code).

    This package allow charting EOD & RT data, have typical tech. indicator's set, can read MetaStock files, have simple script language (hidden in demo), neural net (hidden in demo).
    Allow multilingual.

    There are some screenshots of the package:

    Download demo:

    Contact me by email, please.
  2. What language is it written in and did you make (real) money with it?
  3. I think I will stick with Tradestation for free...
  4. Ebo


    Can I get a site license for 12 workstations?
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  5. Sorry, i forget about it ;-(

    C++ Builder, without external libraries.

    This project can be trading platform etc.
    I can't say anything about doing money from this project as from trading system.
  6. Dear Traders,

    I'm sailing PROJECT - with CBuilder sources and rights, not ONE copy...

    Hope, it's clear...
  7. up :cool:
  8. The ocean you are sailing on appears to be rough, eh?
  9. I'm not fluent, sorry... Could you write more simpler?
  10. Hello all,

    I like offer $1500 price for this project ...
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